Chiropractic Coaching

Dr. David Serio offers coaching in english or spanish spefically designed for Chiropractors.

The coaching is broken down into 3 month periods and he takes very limited amounts of clients per month due to his demanding scheduale.

The coaching client can take up to 3 periods
for a total of 9 months.

Coaching 1

The first 3 month period consists of the foundation of personal growth, service, Chiropractic philosophy, science and art and business. Everything a Chiropractor needs to walk the path of greater success and purity in practice. This leads to more joy, happiness and economic stablity.

Coaching 2

Foundational Depth
Requirment Coaching 1 In coaching 2
Dr. David Serio brings the client into greater depth in personal growth, service, Chiropractic philosophy, science and art and business. The client will walk further in the path towards sucess in all áreas of practice and take thier life and practice to the next level.

Coaching 3

Growth of the practice and more advanced concepts
Requirements Coaching 1 and 2 In coaching 3
Dr. David Serio takes the client into more advanced concepts. He designs this program very specific to the clients needs at this point in time and coaching 3 is very organic and individual to the clients goals.

How the coaching works

Dr. David Serio and the client have weekly one on one calls.  The client is also put into a mentoring Facebook where they will find tons of videos and information. Dr. David Serio also uses zoom and videos as teaching tools. 

Dr. David Serio prides himself on bringing massive value to his clients and you will find that there is more information and learning then you ever imagined.

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