My Journey

I feel that it is important to share with the reader a brief version of my life, so that they can understand the reasons that led me to write this book, the circumstances and the context within which it was written.

By Dr. David Serio

About 33

The core elements of Chiropractic grew out of the thinking and philosophical concepts of D. D. Palmer, the founder of Chiropractic, and his son, B. J. Palmer.

These principles were then compiled and transformed into thirty-three principles in R. W. Stephenson’s groundbreaking textbook in 1927.

These thirty-three principles offer a logical and deductive navigational process for locating, analyzing, and correcting vertebral subluxation, but their value does not end there. As Chiropractor and international speaker Dr. David Serio reveals, the thirty-three principles of Chiropractic are at their essence a philosophy for life.

For any chiropractor who wants to build a dream practice where the patients understand who you are and what you do - for those still in school to those long in practice - you must read this book. Read just a chapter a day each morning before going to work and let the chiropractors assembled here speak life, experience, and fresh ideas into you.
Zeb Smith